Welcome to Life Expectancy Research Partners. Here you will learn about the exciting new way we've created to meet the growing demand for Custom Research at a price far below what our research clients pay to gain access to the millions of records inside our database. By choosing from a menu of Special Reports of pre-selected topics you can learn "The Truth About Alzheimer's Disease" and see with your own eyes how where you live can play a huge role in how likely you are to die of this devastating disease. You can gain access to a list of over 50 Life Expectancy Diet Super-Foods and see all the Poison Data that has made it the leading cause of death between ages 35-44 in the US and around the world. You'll see amazing correlations between Obesity-Diabetes and Heart Disease and even likely Hot Spots for environmental Cancer and much, much more. These special research reports aren't just opinions, they include the official data professional researchers use so you can form your own opinions...

As a Life Expectancy Research Partner you will also receive our official icon that you can display on your Site to show your support of ongoing Life Expectancy Research at the same your own knowledge is growing. None of the Research contained in these Reports will be available on our public site and we will no longer conduct enhanced research for free. But as a Partner you will be able to participate in the surveys we'll use to select most of our future topics which will give you substantial influence over what data and correlations you want to see. You will also have access to slides of our Charts, Maps and other educational tools, as well as attend Webinars to assist you in using the Site to create your own life expectancy and global health educational experience.

If you are interesting in learning more about becoming a Life Expectancy Research Partner please register by filling out the form below to receive more information about our special introductory offer:

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