Welcome to Animal Life Expectancy...Exploring the Longevity of Animals, especially in the wild, is a serious challenge and often less precise than we are used to. Life Span's can vary for many reasons including country, climate, legal protection and other conditions. Much of the available data provides only captivity based "Maximum Life Spans," but we asked our Research Department to dig deeper to find averages and images using "in the wild data" whenever possible. We welcome the challenge this project presents and will continue to add new data as we discover it. We invite you to join in. Forward your recommendations via Contact Us and we will give them all a careful review.

Despite the enormous amount of effort expended to date presenting Animal Life Expectancy data remains a work in progress. For now, our selections are separated by class with an A-Z organizational tool that highlights the letters in use. Common names are featured to make Navigation easier...remembering that Vipers are poisonous snakes is an example of a helpful hint you might want to use. We will add new search functions and other improvements to make our data even easier to use as we go forward.

The success of our World Life Expectancy global health platform speaks for itself. We are proud of the public service we provide. From its modest beginnings in 2008 total page views exceeded 16,000,000 in 2016. We now believe the ICD CODE verified database that supports our 43,000 pages is one of the largest in the world. give credit where credit is do. Animal Life Expectancy was your idea not ours. We built it for you at your request. We hope you enjoy it!