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Millions of people rely on the advice of their Doctor, but we seldom think of placing our lives in their hands for routine examinations. It's not hard to imagine how the "skill" of a surgeon could have a huge impact on the results we receive. What's less well known is how important the facility we chose to receive treatment can be in determining the outcome. Some studies are more credible than others on the role Hospitals play in how long we live, but this particular study got our attention because of the amount of detail it provides.

We admit comparing America's top 50 hospitals against all the rest can seem unfair since the difference in technology alone could impact the results...but this study isn't about whether you'll feel or function better once you're released. It's about the odd's you will die while you're in the Hospital and that's a different ball game. We understand the world's best hospitals aren't available to everyone and many of you don't live in the United States which is where this study was conducted. These same dynamics exist in every country in the world and being aware of how dramatic the difference can be makes this exercise very worthwhile no matter where you live...

Global Health is everyone's responsibility...we can't solve all the world's problems, but together we can make the world more aware of what they are. We appreciate your support of our cause. Continue to spread the word...everybody wins when you do!  Tom LeDuc

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