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Almond Milk Is A Super Food

Unlike whole milk Almond Milk has only 40 Calories per 8 ounce serving. Making it a Super Food if you want to lose weight, in our opinion. It has less than 2 grams of Carbs, no Cholesterol and it's lactose free. It has more vitamins and minerals than other whole milk alternatives such as soy or rice milk which are usually fortified with vitamin D and other nutrients when sold commercially. Almonds are naturally nutritious, so Almond Milk doesn't need to be fortified...Plus it's Delicious!

We prefer to buy it commercially rather than making it at home because it lasts longer and is more convenient. You can also see what you're getting in the way of nutritional benefits. Remember Almonds contain vitamin E, manganese, selenium, potassium, zinc, iron, phosphorous and calcium. They are believed to help prevent cancer and slow the signs of ageing. Almond Milk even contains omega-3 fatty acids, so it's good for your heart.

We define a "Super Food" based upon nutritional benefits weighed against calorie density and Almond Milk is a huge Winner in our view. We recommend it highly whether you buy it commercially or make it at home.