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Hard to believe 8% of the world’s population can account for almost 30% of the cases and fatalities of any infectious disease, but Latin America is on the verge of reaching a combined total of 5,000,000 cases of Covid-19. It is now the epicenter of the worldwide Pandemic with no end in sight. Last Friday, 7/31/20, Mexico ranked #3 in the world in Covid-19 deaths just one notch below Brazil which is #2. Sadly, Mexico also ranks #4 in Infection Ratio with 42% of Tests being positive which likely means their Testing is selective with narrow criteria. This strategy, common south of the border, makes virus containment harder and can lead to unaccounted for cases. Last week Colombia passed 300,000 cases and 5 Latin American countries rank in the global top 10.

Peanuts are a low cost "Superfood" that can help control
Diabetes. As Always Nut Allergies must be respected.

US border States, with high Latin American populations, are experiencing rapid Virus spread too, with some south Texas hospitals running short of beds. Recent estimates count 44% of California Virus deaths as Hispanic, 39% in Texas, 31% in Arizona and 26% in Florida. The leading cause of death in Mexico is Diabetes and it ranks in the top 5 in many Latin American countries. A high percentage of their populations are also either overweight or obese. This deadly combination makes them a magnet for high Covid-19 death rates…These countries need help, unfortunately help is hard to find with most of the world still struggling to recover from their own encounter with this brutal disease.

People in poor countries who are prone to Diabetes need cost effective foods to help them manage blood sugar. Nuts are a great choice, especially Peanuts. They have a low glycemic index which means they don’t cause blood sugar to rise sharply. They also have more protein than any other Nut and are far more cost effective. According to the Journal of the American College of Nutrition adding Peanuts to your diet can reduce the risk of Cardiovascular Disease which is a common complication of Diabetes and a comorbidity of Covid-19. World Life Expectancy is sending hundreds of pounds of Nuts to Mexico to do what we can to help. We hope you’ll pitch in too. The people of Latin America need our support!  Tom LeDuc