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The strength of our belief in the power of the Calorie in determining how much you weigh doesn't diminish how we feel about the role sound nutrition plays in determining how healthy you are. We rely more heavily on science than opinions in arriving at our conclusions and our perspective is global which means we believe there is more than one way to approach nutrition and achieve the same result. In general, most people think of their diet as what they eat. Your body is an amazing food processing machine and you have to eat to stay alive. Your diet is what you do to meet that objective. Nutrition is a different animal...our research has led us to define nutrition as what you get from what you eat. Your goal should be to connect them...

Nutrients are components in food, such as minerals, fats and vitamins, which the body uses for tasks such as skin renewal, bone growth, and immunity. When a person consumes something, their body breaks it down so it can extract the nutrients from it. The more nutritious what you consume is the easier it is for your body to get what it needs from it which leads to a smoother running and more efficient metabolic engine.

A balanced diet is important because your body uses different fuel for different things. Carbohydrates deliver shorter term bursts of energy, protein takes longer to process. Having access to high quality sources of protein is important because of the role it plays in building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Some are strong proponents of more plant based sources of protein believing it is healthier for your heart and they recommend beans and legumes as their primary source. We are not convinced the studies that support following this path did an adequate job of measuring the role increased physical activity plays in how healthy your heart is...and we also believe a diet without enough healthy fat leads to other problems.

Your body is an efficient calorie burning machine capable of processing almost anything, which is why it is so difficult for us to recommend specific foods to you. There is a lot of chemistry involved in how each of us processes food which can produce great differences between us and it is for this reason we believe that true Metabolic Nutrition requires an individual plan designed to meet each individual's metabolic needs. The science of Metabolic Nutrition involves "Metabolic Typing," from which a "Metabolic Profile" can be developed and we recommend you consult with your doctor on this subject and let him point you in the right direction...but if that's not possible listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Indigestion very likely means your body doesn't process what you've consumed well...what's important is that you invest the time to find foods that supply the nutrients you need and "agree" with you. You should feel good after a meal, not uncomfortable, bloated and wanting to go to sleep!