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Seeing the glass as half full is the
key to surviving difficult times.

Seeing your glass as "half full" instead of "half empty" is the key to surviving difficult times. You'll not only reduce the downtime you'll live longer too!

We all know "Mood" influences outcomes, but during extremely stressful circumstances it can be difficult to recall the successful strategies we've used in the past to remain positive. When this happens our "fight or flight" instincts kick in and our ability to observe what's going on around us becomes distorted and confused. Maintaining a "positive mental attitude" helps us overcome much of the unconscious stress and allows us to think more clearly so we can make better decisions. Here are some tips to help you survive difficult times, beginning with something we call addressing the "Mood Factor."


The proper way to address your "moods" is to relate them to your performance and when things aren't going your way a reduction in performance is the last thing you need. A good way to remind yourself of this important fact is to remember this simple equation: P = A + A' (your performance will be equal to your ability + your attitude). Note the prime symbol after the second A' puts the emphasis on Attitude which is exactly where it belongs.

Why do positive thoughts produce positive outcomes? Much of the research on this subject was conducted by observing how we survive in the wilderness where once our initial needs are met we require new ideas and the ability to prioritize tasks, in order to survive over the longer term. Positive thoughts not only broaden our thinking, allowing for more creativity and innovation, they reduce tension which helps us conserve the energy we need to survive.


  • Recognize your negative emotions and deal with them now not later
  • Focus on positive outcomes from the past and imagine them in your future
  • Stay busy, keep your mind occupied and learn something new
  • Seek positive environments including, music, places and friends
  • Eat Healthy and Exercise to maintain positive brain chemistry
  • Do Not Blame Yourself For Your Problems
  • Help others to stimulate positive thoughts about yourself

Good Luck...And if you decide to use our formula don't forget the little "prime symbol" after the second A'. It is your friend!   Tom LeDuc