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A recent Harvard Study found that consuming nuts regularly will extend your life expectancy, but all nuts are not created equal. We believe Almonds are a "Super Food." They provide fiber, antioxidants and nutrients that may lower your risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. They may also boost your immune system to help prevent certain infections and even assist you in controlling your weight. The fact that they are inexpensive, easily added to most meals or eaten as a convenient snack adds to their appeal, but the reason they are in such high demand is they taste good. Almonds have a long history with more than 30 references even appearing in the Bible, so if you're looking for a "Super Food" that has passed the test of time Almonds are tough to beat.

In order to produce them in enough quantity to meet world demand you need the right climate and California is one of the 5 regions in the world with the Mediterranean Climate almonds respond best to. The other ingredient is people. Amazing doesn't begin to describe what California Almond growers have achieved...99% of the Almonds consumed in the United States are grown in California and the state produces more than 80% of the world's supply. They have truly become a California Super Food.

Almonds have the most calcium of any nut, a lot of vitamin E, and "heart-healthy" fat. They help keep the gastrointestinal tract in balance and are among the lowest in calories of the most popular nuts at 160 per ounce and have 6 grams of protein. Their mix of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber will help you feel full and suppress your appetite. Almond milk is also a great substitute for dairy. It has only 35 calories per cup 1 gram of carbohydrate and it's delicious. See more here: LOSE WEIGHT WITH ALMOND MILK!

Sacramento, California is in the heart of Almond growing country and it's our home town too. We know many of the growers in the state personally and can tell you their generous support of World Life Expectancy Research helps make the work we do possible. We have enormous respect for who they are and what they do and are pleased to recommend what they produce. Their concern for your health is a primary reason we believe California Almonds are a world class Super Food!  Tom LeDuc