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Chart ranks total deaths for the top 50 causes by age and gender for Missouri. Rank is determined by official CDC final death total and certain causes such as types of heart disease and cancer are split out for age adjusted death rate rankings to give you an expanded view of what actually takes place. For this reason they will not always match rankings for top 15 causes for age adjusted death rates which use a different combination of ICD-10 Codes. You can click on any cause to highlight it to make it easy to follow as you change ages or select a different gender. To remove highlight click the cause again. Use buttons in center to select gender and Use Green Links to sort by age range. Note how the cause of death column rankings change. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see population by age range selected. Use Drop Down at top left of Page to see this chart and other data for individual states. Citation is at the bottom of page...

Click on any cause to Highlight, click again to remove Highlight
CDC Official Final Deaths 2017: Released: 12/6/2018
Data is suppressed by the CDC for some causes for privacy reasons when death counts are too small. This is especially true for State or county data. Less than 9 deaths is the standard. If you see Zero it could mean Zero or less than 9 total deaths.