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Cause Of Death Rank Deaths Rank Deaths Summary
Influenza and Pneumonia1318,5741052,287+ 266,287
Stroke2305,3335133,578+ 171,754
Coronary Heart Disease3259,5511393,698- 134,147
Lung Cancers4181,6503171,504+ 10,146
Stomach Cancer5129,0583413,303+ 115,755
Colon-Rectum Cancers6120,744862,057+ 58,688
Other Injuries787,1022522,783+ 64,319
Liver Cancer880,6322324,028+ 56,604
Pancreas Cancer976,0051341,720+ 34,285
Suicide1074,5791243,361+ 31,218
Kidney Disease1173,732959,186+ 14,546
Lung Disease1243,7644154,436- 110,672
Alzheimers/Dementia1342,9522251,745- 208,793
Lymphomas1439,1881439,113+ 75
Diabetes Mellitus1537,326671,483- 34,156
Breast Cancer1633,4391147,955- 14,516
Liver Disease1733,2591635,404- 2,145
Oesophagus Cancer1831,6382717,225+ 14,413
Prostate Cancer1928,6251733,902- 5,277
Other Neoplasms2025,9742916,911+ 9,063
Endocrine Disorders2123,2171537,611- 14,393
Leukemia2221,7372127,701- 5,964
Falls2319,3792031,972- 12,593
Bladder Cancer2418,6692618,305+ 365
Oral Cancer2518,5973710,027+ 8,571
Drownings2618,578444,216+ 14,362
Hypertension2718,148771,304- 53,156
Inflammatory/Heart2817,9621932,372- 14,410
Road Traffic Accidents2915,6641833,838- 18,174
Parkinson's Disease3015,3442224,779- 9,435
Hepatitis C3111,988388,868+ 3,120
Ovary Cancer3211,7903015,437- 3,648
Cervical Cancer338,765427,120+ 1,645
Tuberculosis348,65659588+ 8,068
Peptic Ulcer Disease357,751502,911+ 4,839
Uterin Cancer366,733417,771- 1,037
Rheumatic Heart Disease376,002483,236+ 2,766
Congenital Anomalies385,8833511,807- 5,924
Diarrhoeal diseases395,8253214,905- 9,080
Asthma404,667463,447+ 1,220
Malnutrition414,364492,976+ 1,388
Rheumatoid Arthritis424,221522,558+ 1,663
Skin Disease433,943434,277- 334
Skin Cancers443,8733115,094- 11,221
Fires453,373512,847+ 526
Poisonings462,4273313,542- 11,114
Alcohol472,3153610,895- 8,580
Drug Use482,0502423,175- 21,125
Epilepsy492,026531,808+ 218
Hepatitis B502,01556721+ 1,294
Anemia511,788473,375- 1,587
Schizophrenia521,45265437+ 1,015
Violence531,0602817,005- 15,946
Low Birth Weight54744398,250- 7,506
Meningitis5566058682- 22
Depression5658060559+ 22
Birth Trauma57386541,367- 981
Upper Respiratory5837266204+ 168
Prostatic Hypertrophy5928962490- 201
Appendicitis6027364456- 183
Multiple Sclerosis61228454,111- 3,882
Encephalitis6220067148+ 52
Maternal Conditions63176551,218- 1,042
Osteoarthritis6415957685- 526
Oral conditions6514961550- 401
HIV/AIDS66142407,926- 7,784
Otitis Media67346933+ 2
Syphilis68276834- 6
Tetanus6927725+ 22
War701863485- 468
Schistosomiasis7110761+ 9
Malaria722717- 4
Measles732781+ 1
Pertussis7427031- 29
Iodine Deficiency751752- 1
Chlamydia760790- 0
Diphtheria770800- 0
Trypanosomiasis780810- 0
Chagas disease790734- 4
Leishmaniasis800820- 0
Leprosy810742- 2
Dengue820771- 1
Ascariasis830830- 0
Trichuriasis840840- 0
Hookworm Disease850850- 0
Vitamin A Deficiency860860- 0

Note: Population is Equalized to USA


United States


The point of this intellectual exercise is to measure what would happen if two countries shared the same leading causes of death. To make these comparisons possible we equalized the population and used total deaths for each country's top 10 causes to simulate an "Exchange." Use the chart on the left to sort by the country name and use the summary plus and minus column to measure the differences in total deaths.

Life Expectancy statistics are calculated the same way everywhere in the world, but what we die from can be very different depending upon where we live. Despite these differences, with rare exception, the top 10 causes of death for any given country will represent between 70-80% of their total deaths. This is an intellectual exercise only, not a comparison of which country is healthier or to challenge existing life expectancy rankings. If you prefer to see total deaths for over 80 causes and choose your own countries to compare go here:


All meaningful comparisons between countries should be made using the same data source and year. The most reliable source for International comparisons is the World Health Organization because it is standardized for cross cultural comparisons. It is also reviewed annually, which often makes it more current than individual country data that can take years to compile. The WHO data includes individual country "projections," that are calculated based upon an annual consultation with each country before it is published. There are differences however, such as WHO data separates different forms of heart disease and cancer and combines Alzheimer's with Dementia. In this top 10 comparison WHO data for both countries was used (2014).