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Cause Of Death RankDeathsRankDeathsSummary
Coronary Heart Disease1120,749177,045+ 43,704
Stroke289,232334,267+ 54,965
Alzheimers/Dementia365,586332,615+ 62,971
Lung Cancers456,597157,343+ 49,254
Colon-Rectum Cancers542,556234,672+ 37,884
Lung Disease638,396522,884+ 15,512
Influenza & Pneumonia729,218816,535+ 12,683
Diabetes Mellitus828,463271,906- 43,443
Hypertension921,435717,838+ 3,597
Kidney Disease1019,6511013,591+ 6,060
Breast Cancer1118,614205,383+ 13,231
Stomach Cancer1217,349176,390+ 10,959
Prostate Cancer1316,844186,101+ 10,743
Pancreas Cancer1414,667273,943+ 10,724
Bladder Cancer1514,515451,237+ 13,278
Lymphomas1613,724283,937+ 9,787
Other Injuries1713,0701113,456- 386
Liver Disease1813,020428,324- 15,304
Liver Cancer1912,703195,501+ 7,202
Inflammatory/Heart2012,018421,555+ 10,463
Other Neoplasms219,475254,283+ 5,192
Leukemia229,394264,096+ 5,298
Suicide239,053224,764+ 4,289
Road Traffic Accidents248,340913,754- 5,414
Endocrine Disorders257,764139,370- 1,606
Parkinson Disease267,386471,224+ 6,162
Oral Cancer276,385491,078+ 5,307
Oesophagus Cancer285,528501,075+ 4,453
Ovary Cancer295,120381,761+ 3,359
Falls305,034362,405+ 2,629
Skin Cancers314,183431,523+ 2,660
Rheumatic Heart Disease323,833481,133+ 2,700
Uterin Cancer333,83053707+ 3,123
HIV/AIDS343,478215,143- 1,665
Skin Disease353,392411,580+ 1,812
Congenital Anomalies362,688129,386- 6,698
Hepatitis C372,26652786+ 1,480
Asthma382,216371,792+ 424
Cervical Cancer392,186244,464- 2,278
Drug Use401,5096573+ 1,436
Poisonings411,506461,234+ 272
Anemia421,406342,536- 1,130
Diarrhoeal diseases431,329293,728- 2,399
Drownings441,306352,521- 1,215
Peptic Ulcer Disease451,295312,929- 1,634
Violence461,256619,476- 18,220
Epilepsy471,121401,671- 550
Tuberculosis48982322,665- 1,683
Low Birth Weight49707166,697- 5,990
Alcohol5070251851- 149
Rheumatoid Arthritis51635441,411- 776
Meningitis5258858377+ 211
Fires5354455679- 135
Birth Trauma54510303,111- 2,601
Multiple Sclerosis5550561260+ 245
Malnutrition56397148,947- 8,550
Schizophrenia5739464107+ 287
Prostatic Hypertrophy5832254701- 379
Hepatitis B5928657487- 201
Osteoarthritis6024160303- 62
Appendicitis6118056547- 367
Depression6216662172- 6
Maternal Conditions63103391,743- 1,640
Upper Respiratory649759374- 277
Oral conditions652863127- 99
Malaria6625790+ 25
Pertussis67147112+ 2
Tetanus68147019- 5
Leishmaniasis6914753+ 11
Syphilis70116926- 15
Otitis Media71116649- 38
Iodine Deficiency723745- 2
Chlamydia730760- 0
Diphtheria740770- 0
Measles750780- 0
Trypanosomiasis760800- 0
Chagas disease7706741- 41
Schistosomiasis780810- 0
Leprosy790737- 7
Dengue8006838- 38
Encephalitis810820- 0
Ascariasis8207210- 10
Trichuriasis830830- 0
Hookworm Disease840840- 0
Vitamin A Deficiency850850- 0
War860860- 0
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Note: Population is Equalized




The point of this intellectual exercise is to measure what would happen if two countries shared the same leading causes of death. To make these comparisons possible we equalized the population and used total deaths for each country's top 10 causes to simulate an "Exchange." Use the chart on the left to sort by the country name and use the summary plus and minus column to measure the differences in total deaths.

Life Expectancy statistics are calculated the same way everywhere in the world, but what we die from can be very different depending upon where we live. Despite these differences, with rare exception, the top 10 causes of death for any given country will represent between 70-80% of their total deaths. This is an intellectual exercise only, not a comparison of which country is healthier or to challenge existing life expectancy rankings. If you prefer to see total deaths for over 80 causes and choose your own countries to compare go here:


All meaningful comparisons between countries should be made using the same data source and year. The most reliable source for International comparisons is the World Health Organization because it is standardized for cross cultural comparisons. It is also reviewed annually, which often makes it more current than individual country data that can take years to compile. The WHO data includes individual country "projections," that are calculated based upon an annual consultation with each country before it is published. There are differences however, such as WHO data separates different forms of heart disease and cancer and combines Alzheimer's with Dementia. In this top 10 comparison WHO data for both countries was used (2009).