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Cause Of Death Rank Deaths Rank Deaths Summary
Coronary Heart Disease14,41714,329+ 87
Stroke22,35322,751- 398
Diabetes Mellitus32,34131,721+ 620
Alzheimers/Dementia42,14831113+ 2,035
Lung Cancers51,99312514+ 1,480
Kidney Disease61,51061,086+ 424
Colon-Rectum Cancers71,44910578+ 871
Lung Disease81,13311571+ 563
Breast Cancer91,07014423+ 647
Influenza and Pneumonia109969949+ 47
Hypertension1190351,117- 214
Pancreas Cancer1289027151+ 739
Endocrine Disorders1388118301+ 580
Lymphomas1478519299+ 486
Other Injuries1572913430+ 299
Leukemia1659520249+ 346
Stomach Cancer1757421199+ 375
Suicide1847330114+ 359
Prostate Cancer1945324164+ 289
Bladder Cancer2042729119+ 308
Skin Disease214223965+ 357
Skin Cancers223564833+ 324
Other Neoplasms2334028139+ 201
Liver Cancer2430726155+ 152
Road Traffic Accidents2529941,411- 1,112
Liver Disease2629516404- 109
Ovary Cancer272953870+ 225
Congenital Anomalies2829281,001- 710
Diarrhoeal diseases2925523165+ 89
Parkinson's Disease302525030+ 223
Inflammatory/Heart311983775+ 122
Anemia32181701+ 180
Rheumatic Heart Disease331773586+ 91
Low Birth Weight3417471,067- 892
Falls3515922177- 18
Uterin Cancer361435124+ 119
Violence3714015412- 272
Oral Cancer381384256+ 82
Oesophagus Cancer391334931+ 102
Cervical Cancer401255219+ 106
Epilepsy411044353+ 51
Asthma428532108- 23
Drug Use43724452+ 20
Hepatitis C4469628+ 61
Malnutrition45624736+ 27
Alcohol4657672+ 55
Drownings474233104- 62
Peptic Ulcer Disease48424163- 21
Schizophrenia4934619+ 25
Fires503125163- 132
HIV/AIDS5130652+ 27
Birth Trauma522617364- 338
Hepatitis B53215518+ 4
Multiple Sclerosis54215617+ 4
Tuberculosis55214637- 16
Meningitis56204065- 46
War5719860+ 19
Rheumatoid Arthritis58175418- 0
Prostatic Hypertrophy5912830+ 12
Depression609820+ 9
Poisonings6173686- 79
Maternal Conditions6273498- 91
Appendicitis6365318- 12
Upper Respiratory646691+ 5
Oral conditions654850+ 4
Osteoarthritis663840+ 3
Encephalitis6725715- 13
Otitis Media681662- 1
Malaria691740+ 1
Iodine Deficiency700730+ 0
Leishmaniasis7106010- 10
Pertussis7204537- 37
Syphilis7305913- 13
Chlamydia740682- 2
Diphtheria750721- 1
Measles760711- 1
Tetanus7705814- 14
Trypanosomiasis780750- 0
Chagas disease790760- 0
Schistosomiasis800770- 0
Leprosy810780- 0
Dengue820638- 8
Ascariasis830646- 6
Trichuriasis840790- 0
Hookworm Disease850800- 0
Vitamin A Deficiency860810- 0

Note: Population is Equalized to JORDAN




The point of this intellectual exercise is to measure what would happen if two countries shared the same leading causes of death. To make these comparisons possible we equalized the population and used total deaths for each country's top 10 causes to simulate an "Exchange." Use the chart on the left to sort by the country name and use the summary plus and minus column to measure the differences in total deaths.

Life Expectancy statistics are calculated the same way everywhere in the world, but what we die from can be very different depending upon where we live. Despite these differences, with rare exception, the top 10 causes of death for any given country will represent between 70-80% of their total deaths. This is an intellectual exercise only, not a comparison of which country is healthier or to challenge existing life expectancy rankings. If you prefer to see total deaths for over 80 causes and choose your own countries to compare go here:


All meaningful comparisons between countries should be made using the same data source and year. The most reliable source for International comparisons is the World Health Organization because it is standardized for cross cultural comparisons. It is also reviewed annually, which often makes it more current than individual country data that can take years to compile. The WHO data includes individual country "projections," that are calculated based upon an annual consultation with each country before it is published. There are differences however, such as WHO data separates different forms of heart disease and cancer and combines Alzheimer's with Dementia. In this top 10 comparison WHO data for both countries was used (2014).